Roger Freeman as The Polio Boxer



In chronological order + or -.

The Quit (also revised as The Potato and Coping With Coping), started in 1979

The Jars (another version was called Just Dust), started in 1983

Fear Building (another version was called Banana Zaps), started in 1984

The Blame, 1984 or 5

The Tar Pit, 1984

The Red Chickenbone Propellant Company, 1986

The Suburban Missile Crisis Begun in 1985

This Years Crop, 1986

Mr. Courtesy, 1987

I Married A Ninja, 1987

Ninja Love Trilogy, 1987-88

Tunnels in the Crust, 1988-92 and 98

Telewas, 1986-2002 (Title changed to Couch Potatoes)

Enemy Rocks, 1989

Canvases 1993-2005 (first version was titled Bitter) complete rewrite in 2005

The Tourist Trap,1996

Couch Potatoes of the 21st Century, 1997

The Polio Boxer, 1997

Corporate Art, 1998

Bumper to Bumper, 1998

The Bottomless Pit, 1999

Dial-a-mom, (This is a 1-act adatpation of a scene in the Couch Potatoes script)

The Pregnant Guy, (This is an adatpation of a scene in the Couch Potatoes script)

Brand Consciousness, 2000

The Meat Bush, 2001

The Terrorism of Love, 2001-2

The Condo Pirate, 2002

Boxing Us, video script, 2003

Spokesperson, 2003

Chicken Feet, 2004, video script

The Cutting Edge of the Amenities, 2005

The Goddess of the Teeming Masses of the Voiceless, 2005 (Total rewrite of Corporate Art.)