View the poster which features a Jeff Whipple painting of Charlie Shanian and Liz Dennis

"Telewas" was a comedy review about the future when all normal jobs are eliminated by technology so new ones had to be created. The two main characters are Hank and Bertha. Hank is a phone bell; he makes ringing noises when a phone call comes in. Bertha is a game show buzzer; she makes a buzz noise when the contestant gets the wrong answer. They meet when Hank is sent as a replacement for Bertha's phone ringer. They go on dates and their activities and other vignettes show an odd twist on the future. This play was later rewritten and expanded in a script called "Couch Potatoes of the 22nd Century." A high school version of that has been published.

"Telewas" was produced with a terrific cast in 1993 in Miami Beach by the Third Rail Company. Saudia Young was the major force behind the production. It was directed by Jeff Whipple.

CAST: Randie Axinn, Liz Dennis, Gene Gabriel, Terre Lee Meth, Ron Micca, Charlie Shanian, Saudia Young

Left to right: Saudia Young, Ron Micca,Terre Lee Meth, Liz Dennis, Randie Axinn, Charlie Shanian, Gene Gabriel