"Good Bait, Good Bites", oil on canvas, 30" x 60", 1990, Collection of Jimmy and Linda Jensen, Sanibel Island, Florida

Jeff in studio

Jeff Whipple in front of "Domestic Discussion" in 2001

My visual art has always used images, colors and patterns to engage viewers in a contemplation of ideas, themes and emotions. In this section I've separated my work according to the main stylistic formats I've worked in. Those are listed below. My current work is in the The Spasm Series, which began in 2006. Prior to that I worked in a related series I call Metaphorical Images. I first developed that in 1982 and it continued until 2005. The Fixations series is an offshoot of that and I'm still doing work in that format too.


In 1993 I played with a series that is a spoof of 19th Century heroic paintings called Post Modern Heroes .

1999 2005

All along the way I continued to work in sculpture.


My first professional work was in a series called Stages, which ran from 1979 - 1982. That series basically used a shallow stage-like space where figures were put in provocative situations. I desired more information and that led to the development of the Metaphorical Images in 1982.


As a student I was trying to develop a format that would accommodate my interests in representational images and literary themes. You can see that work in the Student Work section.

David Harvey, Jeff Whipple, Chalet Comellas and Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio cutting the ribbon for the opening of the Jeff's 30+ year retrospective in Ybor City, Tampa, March 2008.

Tampa mayor Pam Iorio with Jeff Whipple and Chalet at a party for the "Lights On Tampa" program in January 2006. Photo from Cultural Affairs Magazine


An installation

6 by 12 foot painting

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Painting Celebrates American Stage's

20th Anniversary of Shakespeare in the Park

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"Coffee Breeze" purchased by Whole Foods Market in Sarasota

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