To see the 10 photos in the exhibition CLICK HERE

This show consists of 10 large scale black and white photographs and a 8 minute long video. Eight of the photos are 3 feet by 4 feet and two are 3 ft. by 8 ft.

The show’s title, “Moving Pitchers” is of course a pun on “moving pictures” but it also refers to the nature of visual art. All photographs, paintings and videos pitch ideas, emotions or inarticulate expression. The images in my show are all pitching something to the viewer who can choose to engage and take a swing or step out of the box and let it go by. In this show it’s not so much about the pictures moving as it is about the viewers being moved by the pitchers. The amount that the viewers are moved depends on their effort to creatively find meaning in the images, colors and textures in the exhibition.

This is the post card for the exhibition. If you need directions to the gallery send me an email or call the number listed on the card.