I painted the mural in sections on a temporary plywood wall in my studio. There were four sections that were 26 feet long and four 7 foot sections. I began painting it in April 1999 while I was also working on a production of one of my plays at the Player's Theater in Sarasota. I was directing the play and building the set at the same time I was painting this mural. And, oh yeah, I was also moving my home to this building. It was a busy time. The clients wanted the mural to be hung as soon as possible since they were showing the school to parents who were interested in enrolling their children. They also wanted the whole thing finished by the end of July for the grand opening of the building. So when I'd finish a section I'd haul it down to Nokomis and hang it. That was problematic because I had to paint the next section without the benefit of seeing the colors and composition of the previous one. I finished the last section and hung it around the middle of July.

The canvas was stapled to 1" X 2" wood strips that were nailed to the walls. The architect was concerned with the noise echo levels in the atrium and we decided to put 3/4" foam sheets behind the canvas to help dull the noise echoes.

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