Sculptural Benches

I've made several sculptural benches. I started doing them as a commission for a hospice in north Florida. They bought several for their facility and then when they've opened branches in two other cities they requested more benches for the new buildings. I've sold many benches to individuals too.

I began with a clay sculpture of the bench and the base. After they were finished I made rubber molds of them. To create each cast I poured concrete into the mold and carefully removed it when it was hardened. Then I painted each bench with two layers of concrete stain. I applied the colors in a way that enhanced the depth of the carvings.

This is one of the 7 benches at the Hospice of North Central Florida in Gainesville. There are 2 at the Hospice of the Lakes in Palatka and there are 2 more at the Hospice of Chiefland.